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Giada Watermill is located in the center of Dolcedo, typical village situated in the heart of the Italian Riviera, nestled in the hills on the edge of Val Prino.
Arriving at Dolcedo you can notice the ancient stone bridge of the Knights of Malta (1292) and historic buildings that grow on the banks of the river Prino; worthwhile getting lost in the narrow streets of the old town, the so-called "carruggi" to see the parish church of St. Thomas, as well as unique architectural details in the genre such as porches and passages below the houses.

When you are on the Ligurian coast, it seems impossible that any road that climbs up in the inland arrive to villages rich in history and landscapes unknown. The hinterland of Porto Maurizio, called Val Prino, offers many surprises and leads to places where everything seems crystallized over time. With short walks, you can find villages that have remained intact, as Vasia, Prelà and the same Dolcedo, bearing witness to the will of its inhabitants not to forget their historical and cultural roots.

The Val Prino, the hinterland of Imperia, is dominated by hills covered in olive groves and vineyards. A true invitation to discover the rich natural heritage of Liguria. The valleys are in fact an extraordinary variety of landscapes, natural environments and cultural identities. The interior is a mix of history and charm with its picturesque villages that emerge from the sea of ​​olive trees that surround them; we highlight Dolcedo, Valloria, the country of the 100 painted doors, Triora, the town of witches, but also the most beautiful villages of Italy, such as Dolceacqua and Cervo.

Ligurian cuisine consists of traditional dishes of regioneed is therefore both sea and land, according to the natural union of two souls that distinguish the Ligurian territory: the coast and inland. Particular importance for the preparation of the dishes is of the extra virgin olive oil, the exquisite variety Monocultivar "Taggiasca", as well as wines, both red and white, as Vermentino, Pigato e Rossese. The numerous restaurants and farms in the area allow you to discover this delicacy of our region.

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